Displays and Stations

Attractions include:

British Home Front

The home fires will be burning at Loughborough. Wave off the troops and bid farewell to friends as our steam trains depart.

Home Guard displays including:
- Dining Shelter with period equipment
- Office HQ display for Women's Home Guard Auxiliary
- Display for Home Front with cakes and sweets, Dig for Victory display
- Communication Tent
- Large weaponry display

Meet the dignitaries: the King, Winston Churchill, Bomber Harris and Monty.
Music & entertainment from Dickie Lines and Dolly Bags on the platform all day.
Unexploded bomb with talks
Home Front Heroes with talks on pets in wartime and period jigsaws
Bomber Harris with his 'Reap the Whirlwind' speech

British and American Military Base
Standby for action! Meet soldiers, sailors and aircrew from Britain and the USA preparing for the off.

The largest number of British groups ever to display with us at Quorn
RETURNING FOR 2020! - Battlepipes parading, playing regimental + wartime tunes.
SINGERS & ENTERTAINERS - Maddie Brown, Johnny Victory, and Jayne Darling.
82nd Airborne patrolling in their jeeps.
National Fire Service displays (Saturday and Sunday).
Aerial displays on Sunday only (times to be confirmed).
Remembrance service on Sunday at 11am in the main marquee, everyone welcome.

Outside Stage: Jayne Darling, Quorn Shakespeare company, Maddie Brown, Johnny Victory.
Loading dock stage: Quorn Shakespeare company.

Main marquee with custom built dance floor and real ale bar
       A selection of real ales from Nottingham Brewery including:

    Rock Bitter, Raleway, Foundry Mild, Legend, and a range of cask ciders too, plus wines and soft drinks.
      Bar opening times: Fri & Sat 11am - 11pm, Sun 12pm to 5pm.

Air raid - with pyrotechnics, period fire engine and a UXB!
Churchill's 1940s tea room serving tea and cake
Static spitfire - the only one in existence with an operational Rolls-Royce Merlin engine. Have you ever wanted to sit in Britain’s most iconic aircraft the Supermarine Spitfire and hear its 27 Litre Merlin engine roar into life?: BOOK HERE
Catering area with straw bailed seating area
Large display of vintage and military vehicles
Bofor guns and military armoury
Working agricultural display with traction engine and vintage tractor.
Anderson air raid shelter and Leicestershire Home Guard
Military display and historical lectures
Remembrance garden and church service
Dance lessons in the main marquee with Lin D Hop!
Shopping village with a wide variety of traders - this is adjacent to the station and is accessed via the station steps
Ferris Wheel
Vintage vehicle display
Prosecco and speciality gin bar.

1940s DANCE with Rutland Big Band! On Saturday night, join us from 7pm. The evening kicks off with music from Woody’s War Department, bringing you hits from the blitz! There’s also real ale flowing and food is available. (Entry with reenactor wristband or valid event ticket only)/strong>

As you cross Swithland reservoir you leave Blighty behind and cross the Channel into occupied territory

German Occupied Territory
A platoon of German soldiers are patrolling in full kit . . . word has it they've even managed to convince the station to sell German beer

BATTLE REENACTMENT: Report in by British Intelligence! "Operation GCR"
The battle will commence at 3.00pm (Sat & Sun only) - Axis & Allied troops

Watch out as the Germans prepare to fight with the Yanks! 82nd Airborne 505th RCT
Portrayal of a German late war division who were involved in 3 famous battles, dressed in German infantry uniforms
Bombed out cafe
Graphic field hospital with surgeon portraying injured troops
Side car and anti-tank gun
Original Kettenkrad on display
WW2 German army camp with armoured vehicles, signals equipment, field kitchen, officers’ map table, mortar sections and soldiers
Military vehicle display
Living history display of a battle group, just out of action, in full period clothing
German army unit, originally based on the Italian Front, patrolling the platform
German beer bar
RETURNING FOR 2019! - Liberty Pink burlesque singer!
- A selection of premium German beers will be available from a bar on the station platform on Saturday and Sunday.

LE BIRSTALL (Leicester North)
French themed station, occupied by the German Garrison

Following co-ordination with the French Resistance, the British Army are sending in the Paratroopers who will attack at 12pm on (Saturday and Sunday only).
Witness a "real life" skirmish with weaponry and pyrotechnics

Panzer Lehr - WW2 Elite German unit on display, patrolling the platform and the carriage
French bread, cheese and wine on sale

Please note that Platform Tickets will not be available at Leicester North during this event.





All train services, locomotives, exhibits and other attractions appear subject to availability and are subject to change without prior notice.