GCR, NHR & EMRT In Advance Talks To Re-Open Line To Ruddington

GCR Based 63601 Travels Across Stanford Viaduct on the Nottingham Heritage Railway.

Discussions are very advanced in terms of a deal between the East Midlands Railway Trust, Nottingham Heritage Railway and Great Central Railway PLC aimed at facilitating the return of traffic to the line between the Midland Mainline and Ruddington.

Contrary to much-reported news of frictions between some of the parties, it is likely that an arrangement will be reached whereby GCR plc will assist in the management of repairs to those structures and infrastructure requiring major work, thus encouraging the return of freight traffic to the line at the earliest possible date and, subsequent to that, other services.

A major multi-million pounds project is underway to reunify the line with the southern section of the former Great Central Mainline which runs from Loughborough to Leicester. Read more on this here.

Commenting on the discussions, Michael Gough, GCR plc’s Managing Director said “ We have a major aspiration to be able to run trains one day from Leicester all the way through to Ruddington and, thus, we have a vested interest in trying as hard as we can to keep the northern section viable until we get there. We will, therefore, provide as much assistance as possible, particularly in the management of major repairs required to a number of their bridges and also assisting with the mirroring of GCR plc’s safety management systems and rule book"

NHR’s Chairman Mike Newton said; "Michael Gough, Clive Baines and I have been working very hard behind the scenes for several weeks to get a deal together.  We have developed great working relationships, and strong personal friendships, that will lead to an exciting future of co-operation between all parties.  I would like to thank all our volunteers for their patience as we move to a new beginning for the NHR, and we look forward to the opportunities ahead."

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