Class 08 08694 (D3861)

An example of the standard British Railways diesel shunter, D3861 was built at Horwich in November, 1959 and was originally in green livery. It is the only survivor of three (D3859-61) which were based at Annesley in Nottinghamshire, on the former GCR. These were the only diesel locomotives ever allocated to Annesley and as the shed had no servicing facilities for diesel locomotives, fuelling and maintenance were carried out at Nottingham. All three locomotives were subsequently transferred to Nottingham, but it is believed that they continued to work at Annesley until the shed's closure in 1966.

In December, 1973 D3861 was renumbered under the TOPS numbering scheme as 08694. The locomotive was repainted blue and the nose-end ladders were removed at about the same time. In 1983 the locomotive was overhauled and converted to dual braking, resulting in a further change in appearance with an additional box fitted to the left hand running board to house the secondary compressor, and the fitment of air hoses to the buffer beams.

08694 spent twenty years allocated to Crewe before moving to Allerton (near Liverpool) in 1987 and to Old Oak Common (west London) by 1998. In 2000 it was repainted in EWS red livery and on August 2nd it was named “Pat Barr”, in memory of an Old Oak Common employee. Over the following weekend the locomotive was displayed during the Old Oak Common open day, also attended by many preserved locomotives including GCR 04 No.63601.

In February, 2004 the locomotive suffered an engine failure and, as EWS were withdrawing several shunters at the time, it was stored. During the period in storage the name plates were removed, as were various parts, presumably to keep other class members in service. In December, 2008 the locomotive was sold for scrap. It was inspected for preservation in early 2009 and moved by road from Booth's scrap yard in Rotherham to Quorn & Woodhouse on 22nd May, 2009.

Restoration to full working order took place over the following four years, concentrating mainly on engine and radiator repairs and re-instating the many parts which were missing at the time of purchase. The locomotive returned to service in time to work its first passenger trains in preservation on 8th September 2013.

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