Class 101

Class 101 DMU Vehicles
50321, 51427, 53266 and Buffet Car 59575

All these vehicles were built by Birmingham based Metropolitan Cammell in the 1950s. On BR they ultimately given the Class 101 and are sometimes still described this way - or as ‘Met Cams’.

50321 is a Driving Motor Composite Lavatory vehicle. (In other words, it has a cab, engines underneath, both first and second class seats and a toilet) It came to the GCR in 2003, having been previously used as a Sandite vehicle. Sandite is a substance sprayed onto the rails to help improve adhesion. Towards the end of its active life, it had a departmental number 977900, which replaced the number 53321 which it carried when in passenger service. Custodians Renaissance Railcars have restored the number 50321 which it was allocated when first built. The vehicle was built in April 1958 and delivered to the London Midland Region.

is a Driving Motor Brake Second. (It has a cab, engines underneath, a guards brake compartment and second class seats) It was used as a Sandite vehicle at the end of its national network career, arriving at the GCR in 2003. 977899 was 51427’s number when withdrawn - but the original has been reinstated. It was delivered in February 1959 to the North Eastern Region and worked in the Newcastle and Darlington area.

In the 1970s Class 101 vehicles were given a cosmetic refresh inside to extend their service life. This saw the lighting and decor changed. Underneath, any vehicles still powered by AEC engines, hadLeylandones substituted.

51427 and 50321 returned to passenger service on the GCR in 2004 (50321 having had its removed first class seats reinstated). It was repainted in 2005 to early BR green livery with speed whiskers.

53266 was withdrawn in 2005 from passenger service in the Manchester area having clocked up almost 50 years in service. It has been comprehensively restored inside, and is now much closer to its ‘as built condition’. Outside it awaits further body work repairs and a repaint. It is currently envisaged this vehicle will operate as a spare being added to the two car set as required.

59575 Met Camm also built ten Buffet Cars to go with its other vehicles. This is the sole survivor. It is a long term restoration project having stood for many years as a stationary buffet at a Manchester museum. There will be seats for 53 passengers as well as the buffet counter. Work is steadily progressing to return it to full use as a centre car, between two driving cars.

Renaissance Railcars are also the custodians of two further former Class 101 vehicles:

No. 977897 (departmental number) was 53203 (later BR number) was 50203 (original number as built). DMBS, delivered April 1957 to Eastern Region Hull area. No. 977898 (departmental number) was 53193 (later BR number) was 50193 (original number as built). DMCL, delivered Mar 1957 to Eastern Region Hull area.


Engines: (as built) AEC 220 6-cyl 150hp (from mid 70s refit) Leyland 680 6-cyl 150hp

Transmission: Mechanical Standard - 4 speed epicyclic gearbox with axle mounted final drives on the inner axle of driving bogies.

Brakes: Vacuum, Gresham twin pipe quick release system

Gangway Type: Midland scissor

Dimensions: 57' x 9' 3”

Weights:  Driving Motor Brake Second, 32 tons approx

Driving Motor Composite Lavatory, 32tons approx

Trailer Vehicles, 25.5 tons approx

Lights: (as built) Tungsten bulbs with glass shade (following 70s refit) Fluorescent strips in plastic shade

Max Speed: 70mph

Seats:  DMCL 12F+53S (2+3) DMBS  52S (2+2)

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