Class 31 D5830, a Brush Type 2, was built in 1962 by Brush at its Loughborough Works with works number BS366/1962. Its first British Rail number was D5830.

It entered traffic on 11th January, 1962 and was allocated officially to Darnall, (Sheffield).

The locomotive was originally fitted with a Mirrlees JVS12T engine but due to cracking BR decided to replace all the engines of the class with the English Electric 12SVT engine which had already proven itself in the Class 37. Both engines were 12 cylinder VEE engines.

D5830 received the TOPS number 31 297.

In the early 1970s a newer type of coaching stock was introduced requiring locomotives to be fitted with electric train heating generators (ETH) to heat the coaches and provide air conditioning rather than heating by a Spanner Mark I steam heat boiler. D5830 was one of the 68 Class 31s that were selected for conversion to ETH. This is when the boiler was removed and replaced with a concrete block to compensate for the weight of the removed boiler. It received the number 31 463 to indicate it was an ETH version.

It was then allocated to the freight sector and with no longer any use for the ETH it was isolated and renumbered to 31 563.

D5830 was withdrawn in June, 1996, with weak springs. It was bought from the newly formed EWS by the Type One Locomotive Company, initially to provide spares for 31 418, and arrived at the GCR on 30th January, 1998. After detailed inspection it was deemed to be in better condition and 31 418 was later sold, with D5830 taking its place as an operational Class 31 on the GCR, entering service on 23rd April, 1999.

The locomotive was painted an early experimental livery of Golden Ochre, uniquely carried by sister D5579, and to create the image it carried this number for a short while before reverting to D5830. It was initially though that it would only carry this livery for a year but it has not only retained this livery but has been repainted into the same livery again. This is partly because it has constantly received good publicity for the owners and the Great Central Railway.

D5830 is currently away from GCR for a spell with our friends Great Central Railway Nottingham at Ruddington.

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