BR MK1 Stock

The principal passenger carrying vehicles on the Great Central Railway are of the British Railways Mark 1 design.

After the nationalisation of the railways in 1948 the British Railways Board embarked on a programme of rationalisation in the design of locomotives and rolling stock. A carriage design was evolved by taking the best practise from the previous four big railway companies, although the carriages followed closely on LMS practise,  and the first BR MK1 carriages emerged in 1951. Construction continued until 1963.

There were a very large number of design variations within the MK1 family from corridor stock to open saloons, brake vehicles, 1st and 2nd class types, kitchen cars and even Travelling Post Offices. The types in use on the Great Central Railway will be listed below.

As well as those carriages listed on this page the Great Central Railway also have MK1 vehicles as part of the GCR Pullman Train and Railway Vehicle Preservations has Travelling Post Office vehicles of the MK1 variety.

BR MK1 Carriage Types (To be Completed)

BG - Gangwayed Brake

BSK - Brake Second Corridor

BSO - Brake Second Class Open Saloon

BSO(D) - Brake Second Open Disabled - Modified for disabled use (A designation introduced by the GCR)

CK - Corridor Composite with First and Second Class seating

FK - First Class Corridor Coach

FO - First Class Open Saloon

LFO - Lounge First Class Open Saloon (A designation introduced by the GCR)

RB - Restaurant Buffet Car

RBr - Restaurant Buffet (refurbished)

RE - Restaurant Experimental

RFO - Restaurant First Open

RKB - Restaurant Kitchen Buffet

SK - Second Class Corridor Coach

SO - Second Class Open Saloon

TSO - Tourist Second Open Saloon


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