Railway Vehicle Preservations

Railway Vehicle Preservations Ltd is a company based at the Rothley Carriage Works on the railway. Its principal activities are the restoration, running and maintenance of former LNER carriages mainly to the design of Sir Nigel Gresley. Since 2011 RVP has also been engaged on the repair and maintenance of the other carriages used by the Great Central Railway.

In addition RVP maintains and operates a Travelling Post Office of British Railways MK1 design and has a LNER TPO which is currently used as a Postal Museum while awaiting major overhaul.

In 2005 RVP took on the lease of the former Mountsorrel Branch from Swithland Sidings as part of a project to provide covered accommodation for its carriages. The proposed carriage shed did not gain planning permission but other proposals for covered accommodation should see carriages under cover at Swithland.

Only the barest details of the RVP coaches are listed here. Full details may be obtained from the RVP Stockbook by contacting Railway Vehicle Preservations Ltd.

Gresley Vehicles
RB 24278 (9122E)
Buffet Car built at York in 1937. Operational
RB 24080 (9116E)
Buffet Car built at York in 1936. To be converted to a First Class Dining Car
BTK 57451
Brake Corridor Third built at York in 1940. In store.
BTK 62565 
Brake Corridor Third built at York in 1927. Awaiting restoration.
TTO 23981 Tourist Third Open built by the Birmingham Railway Carriages and Wagon Co. in 1936. Awaiting restoration.
RF 1222 Restaurant First built at Doncaster in 1929. In store.
CK 18033 Corridor Composite built at York in 1924. Awaiting restoration.
GUV 93579
General Utility Van built at Glasgow in 1959. Used for storage.
CCT 96202 Covered Carriage Truck built at Dukinfield. Operational.
BGP 4050
Pigeon Van built at York in 1940. Often used as part of the LNER TPO. Restoration to varnished teak livery is almost complete.
BGP 70442E Pigeon Van built at York in 1941. Awaiting restoration.

BZ 76054E
Built at Stratford in the 1950s. Operational.
LNER Van 4149

Travelling Post Office - LNER
These two vehicles, along with BGP 4050, provide the unique spectacle of a working LNER Travelling Post Office. Both were withdrawn in 2008 and whilst awaiting a complete overhaul provide the base for a Postal Museum which is often seen at the railway's galas at Quorn & Woodhouse station yard.

POS 70294E Post Office Sorter built at York in 1937
POT 70268E Post Office Tender built as a Pigeon Van in 1931

Travelling Post Office - British Railways MK1
RVP is now able to provide the great spectacle of a Travelling Post Office exchanging mail at high speed at the exchange apparatus just south of the signalbox at Quorn & Woodhouse. A highlight of the railway's galas these nostalgic scenes bring huge crowds.

POT 80458
Post Office Tender built at York in 1967. Operational.
POT 80438
Post Office Tender. Operational.
Post Office Sorter. Operational.
POS 80301
Post Office Sorter built at Wolverton in 1959. Operational.

Covered Carriage Trucks
CCT 94707
Built at Earlstown in 1960
CCT 94606
Built at Earlstown in 1960

Beavertail Coaches
Built at Doncaster in 1937. Operational.
E1729E Built at Doncaster in 1937. Undergoing restoration.


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